our mission

With medical excellence and patient satisfaction at the heart of everything we do, the mission of Virginia Women's Center physicians and staff is to further the health of our patients by:

  • Providing a lifetime of skilled and compassionate obstetrical and gynecologic care
  • Advancing our practice of that care wherever possible
  • Offering convenient access to other services that complement that care


LIVE HEALTHY during your pregnancy 

Our care team – comprised of OB-GYNs, high-risk pregnancy specialists, nurse practitioners, ultrasound technologists, psychologists and a genetic counselor – are experienced in all aspects of pregnancy and welcome the opportunity to help you LIVE HEALTHY during your pregnancy. We have added all of these services and specialists to our practice not only for your convenience, but also because we believe that you will benefit from a coordinated and comprehensive approach to your pregnancy care.

Like most women, you’re probably planning and hoping for a routine pregnancy. Unfortunately, complications can arise. Virginia Women’s Center is the only private practice in Richmond to have three high-risk pregnancy specialists on staff and in our offices to help you LIVE HEALTHY should a high-risk situation arise.

At different points throughout your pregnancy, you’ll need to have check-ups on a weekly basis. With on-site labs and ultrasound suites, we provide care that helps you LIVE HEALTHY so you can make one stop and get on with your day.

LIVE HEALTHY throughout your lifetime


Throughout each phase of your beautiful life, we’re here to help you LIVE HEALTHY. In addition to gynecologic care, we offer urology, in-office procedures, mammography, bone health and psychology services in the comfort and convenience of our offices.

We’re here to provide care that helps you LIVE HEALTHY and we want you to stay educated about what matters most: your health. Visit VirginiaWomensCenter.com, read weekly posts on our Living Well blog, sign up to receive our e-newsletter, CenterPiece, or join our communities on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. All of these tools are created to help you achieve optimal health even when you're not in our office.

Our electronic health records allow each of our providers – whether in the office or in the hospital – up-to-date and accurate information about your health so that they can provide high-quality care that helps you LIVE HEALTHY.

Your body will go through a many changes throughout the phases of your life and sometimes you’ll just want to know “is this normal?” We’re here to provide care that helps you LIVE HEALTHY and answer those questions for you. Through our patient portal, you can communicate quickly and easily with your VWC care team. 

our history


More than 40 years ago, Virginia Women's Center started out with two physicians specializing in women’s health care, primarily delivering babies. Health care has changed a lot since the 1960s, but our dedication to providing the best quality care remains the same. That's why you’ll find that we incorporate a variety of services under one roof; services that improve the overall quality of women’s lives such as annual mammograms, in-office procedures, mental health counseling and bladder care. Virginia Women's Center is more than just your trusted OB-GYN office; we care about every aspect of your health through every stage of your life. 

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