your annual exam

Your annual exam is an important component of overall health promotion and disease prevention. The following sections will help you prepare for your exam. In addition, learn more about our health care providers, the insurances we accept and our locations.

The age at which to start annual well-woman exams varies depending on the individual's health and maturity. Generally, we recommend that a woman have her first gynecologic visit in her early teen years. An annual exam is an important defense against future health problems.

An annual exam is also more than just a Pap test. It includes:

  • Complete medical history review
  • Pelvic exam
  • Breast exam
  • Health counseling
  • Opportunity to ask questions and build a relationship with your health care provider
  • Additionally, it may include lab tests or a Pap test


Can I come for my annual exam if I have my period?
Light spotting shouldn’t interfere with your exam; however, bleeding can affect the outcome of the exam, so you should call a patient coordinator to reschedule, 804.288.4084.

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