Women's breasts are always changing. They change during   the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause. Along with these normal changes, problems can arise. It is important for women to be aware of any changes in their breasts. Tools such as self breast exams and screening mammograms can help detect breast cancer before it has progressed.

Getting an annual mammogram - at age 40 - is one of the only three defenses women have against breast cancer today. Regular breast self exams and an annual clinical exam performed by your doctor also aid in early detection. 

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Virginia Women's Center makes this easy by offering annual screening mammograms at three of our locations: John Rolfe Commons, Mechanicsville and Henrico Doctors'.

Our facilities are digital screening sites. A screening mammogram is used to look for any abnormalities. It is performed for women who:

  • Do not have implants
  • Have never had breast cancer
  • Do not have symptoms of breast problems, e.g. lumps (breast pain is okay)
  • Are not having a follow-up of a recent abnormal mammogram

If these characteristics apply, you may not be eligible for a screening mammogram and should discuss your mammogram with your physician    as soon as possible. Please note, your insurance may provide different coverage for a screening mammogram than a diagnostic mammogram.

Our equipment, Siemens Inspiration Pure, offers high-resolution digital images, which allows for imaging breasts of varying sizes. The digital acquisition also allows for fewer repeat mammograms and a lower    radiation dose to the patient than film mammography. With the digital    format, we utilize computer assisted detection (CAD), which surveys each mammogram for suspicious lesions, another interpretive component.

All films will be read by The Ellen Shaw de Paredes Institute for Women’s Imaging, an internationally-known and well-respected radiology specialty practice. The radiologists and breast imagers at The Ellen Shaw de Paredes Institute for Women's Imaging will handle imaging interpretation for all Virginia Women's Center patients. They will also collaborate on patient care issues, when needed. Your mammogram at Virginia Women's Center will always be performed by a registered mammography technologist.


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