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Endometriosis—you don’t have to live in pain.

  Endometriosis, or “endo” as it’s sometimes called, occurs when the tissue that typically forms the lining of the uterus grows in places outside of the uterus. Under normal circumstances, […]

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Pregnancy Brain: Is It Real or a Myth?

Mechanicsville OB/GYN Dr. Rachel Kreis, of Virginia Women’s Center discusses the experience of “pregnancy brain”: What it feels like, why it occurs and how expectant moms can cope. You keep losing […]

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Birth Control Packaging Error Leads to Recall – May 2018

On May 24, 2018,  Allergan voluntarily recalled one lot of Taytulla® sample birth control packs due to pill sequencing concerns. The first four days of the pack included non-hormonal placebos […]

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“I could not have chosen a better place for women’s health. Dr. Czyszczon shows great compassion to her patients, and I am happy that she is my doctor.”

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