FMLA/Disability paperwork is complex and takes time away from our clinical team to care for you when you’re in the office and during phone consultations. We recognize that accurate and timely completion of these complicated forms is critical to you receiving your FMLA benefits. To initiate the FMLA/Disability paperwork process:

1) Complete the FMLA/DISABILITY Authorization Form and attach your blank forms for completion.

2) Deliver the completed authorization and blank FMLA/Disability forms to your VWC provider’s office, or you may fax them to 833.390.1629. Be sure to include your name on all paperwork, especially when submitting forms on behalf of partner/husband.

3) A fee of $30 per FMLA/Disability form submission is required to initiate the data collection process and complete the necessary paperwork. You may pay in the office when you drop off your paperwork, online through the patient portal, or by phone 804.282.1095.

4) Once payment is received, our dedicated FMLA/Disability team will process your paperwork within five (5) business days and send it to the recipient you designate on your forms.