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We’ve made dealing with paperwork as easy as dealing with paperwork gets.

A healthy relationship is based on trust, and at Virginia Women’s Center, we believe open communication and transparency about care options and their costs is essential.

We know that health care costs impact your personal finances. Our care coordinators will help you understand the cost of services and your insurance benefits.

Virginia Women’s Center works with most major insurance carriers. But as you know, coverage varies from plan to plan.

If you have general questions about insurance plan acceptance, call us at 804.288.4084.

To find out if a particular physician or clinician participates in your plan, call 804.282.1095. Some insurance plans require you to obtain authorization before seeing us. We encourage you to determine the extent of your benefits before initiating treatment.

Most insurance companies cover annual well woman exams. Most insurance plans require a co-payment or a payment toward your deductible at the time of your visit for all other services. To make it easy, we accept checks, VISA, Mastercard, Discover, FSA and HSA cards.

Please bring your insurance card, valid photo ID, and co-payment or payment toward your deductible to each visit.

If your plan requires preauthorization or precertification, we’ll help you obtain benefits and pre-certify your services so that you can receive the maximum benefits for your medical care.

If your insurance changes, please let us know at your next visit or call 804.282.1095.

If you have questions about your bill, call us at 804.282.1095 or send a secure message to a billing care coordinator using the VWC Patient Portal.

Please include your full name, social security number and date of birth.

We’ll get to the bottom of it together.

When we ask for your photo ID, it’s nothing impersonal.

We are responsible for your safety and privacy, and we take that responsibility seriously.

We’ll always ask for your ID when you check in. Or if you call, we’ll confirm your identity using your name, birthdate and the last four numbers of your SSN.

If you’re new, please bring your medical records to your first visit. Or if you’d like us to request them for you, just fill out the Medical Records Request form on our patient portal.

Can I come for my annual well woman exam if I have my period?
Yes. PAP Smears are no longer performed annually. And, even if you are due for one, unless your menstrual bleeding is abnormally heavy, it shouldn’t interfere with the PAP results.

Can I share a health concern during my annual exam?
We know it’s not easy to make multiple trips to the doctor. If you’re experiencing a medical problem, please don’t hesitate to tell us whenever you see us so we can address problems early.

There may be some charges involved if we cover a medical issue in addition to your wellness exam. Insurance companies typically cover 100% of the preventative portion of your annual GYN visit.  Depending upon your age and risk factors, covered services include the following:

  • Review of past medical, social and family history
  • Physical exam
  • Review of medications
  • Immunizations based on age and risk factors
  • Risk factor reduction interventions
  • Age-appropriate screening tests

Medical problems are not covered as a part of an annual exam. Therefore, your insurance company will most likely require you to pay a co-pay or make payment toward your deductible for any diagnostic services during your visit.

If you have any questions, let us know. We’re happy to explain further.

What is a co-payment?
A co-payment is due at the time of service each time a medical service is accessed. Multiple co-payments may be applied by your insurance company if you receive services from more than one provider or specialist on the same day. Learn more about our charges and payment procedures.

Why do I need to pay a deposit?
If you have a high-deductible plan or co-insurance, you’ll be asked to pay toward your visit or procedure in the form of a partial deposit prior to services being provided or at the time of service. Learn more about our charges and payment procedures.

Why can’t you use the health insurance I have on file with the hospital?
Virginia Women’s Center is an independent physician practice with its own administrative systems and medical records. Our physicians have privileges at other hospitals to deliver babies and perform surgeries, but we do not share patient information otherwise.

Why don’t you have access to my health records from another practice or my recent hospital visit? 
Most practices and hospital systems do not allow others access to their electronic systems. To make the most of your appointment, please bring any health records from other offices with you. If you’d like for us to request records on your behalf, fill out the Medical Records Request form in Your Portal.

  • Insurance card
  • Picture ID
  • Co-payment or payment toward deductible
  • List of current medications and dosages
  • Pharmacy information (address and phone number)
  • List of any questions or concerns you may have
Find new patient registration forms, medical request forms and more on our patient portal.
We know things about you that your friends and family don’t know. And never should know.

Your privacy is guaranteed in our office, on the phone and on our secure patient portal. When you check in for each appointment, we’ll ask for your insurance card and a photo ID. We want to make sure that it’s you we’re talking to, and that your medical information is shared ONLY with those family members you’ve specifically identified in writing.

Your privacy is part of your health. And we take care of you.


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