First periods can be unnerving. And final ones mystifying. But we’re here to guide you through it all. We take the time to understand how your body works, listen to your concerns and goals, and craft your care around it. We’ll help you with your family planning and see you through pregnancy to menopause and the years beyond. Every woman’s body is different. And we’re here to make your journey as beautiful and healthy as it can be.


You may be nervous about your first visit to a gynecologist, but it can be a truly empowering experience. By taking control and establishing a trusting relationship with a medical professional, you set the stage for a lifetime of open dialogue and healthy choices.

We recommend having your first visit between the ages of 13 and 15. During early exams, we’ll talk about your body and patterns of normal development and menstruation. Unless you are sexually active, experiencing abnormal bleeding or pain, you often will not have a pelvic exam and Pap smear until you turn 21.

When the time comes, we’ll help you understand birth control options. And if you’re sexually active, we may recommend certain vaccinations and STD tests.

Our team is committed to having real, honest conversations and making sure you have all the information you need to make healthy choices.

If you’re like many women, your annual wellness check is your only regular visit with a doctor. So we get the most out of it.

At your yearly exam, we assess your overall health and include checks for high blood pressure, cancer screening and bone density loss.  Based on your conversation, your provider may screen for other problems like diabetes, cholesterol and anemia.

We’ll discuss everything from birth control to bladder issues. And we’ll talk about life, its everyday stresses—and what kind of emotional support you may or may not be getting.

Your annual wellness visit is not only about your pelvic and breast health. It’s the key to keeping concerns from turning into problems.

It’s up to you when, or if, you want children. And when it comes to contraception today, you have many options.

If you’re not ready to grow your family, we’ll discuss your options. We offer birth control pills, patches, rings, IUDs, implants such as Nexplanon®, shots, diaphrams, barrier methods and, if necessary, emergency contraception.

And if at some point you desire a permanent birth control solution, we also offer tubal ligation and Essure® sterilization.

The important thing to know about contraception is that there’s no right way—only what’s right for you, right now.

Sharing the intimate details of your life can be difficult—even awkward. But keeping information from your doctor can lead to serious health issues.

Sexually transmitted infections and diseases are caused by bacteria, parasites or viruses that are spread through sexual contact. Left untreated, they can cause cancer and infertility or, if you’re pregnant, harm to your baby.

Infections often have no visible signs. If you have multiple sex partners, a new sex partner, or share needles for drugs or tattoos, you’re at a higher risk and should be tested more frequently.

Your STD testing and treatment are conducted with complete discretion and privacy, and all conversations are confidential.

There’s no need to be embarrassed. There’s only the need to keep yourself healthy.

Let us put your mind at ease.

Regular, or Not-So-Regular, Menstruation

Women don’t all experience menstruation the same way. What’s a regular monthly occurrence for some might be totally alarming for others.

Menstruation occurs after ovulation when your uterine lining grows to receive a fertilized egg. If the egg isn’t fertilized, your hormones decrease and the lining of your uterus sheds over a period of days. The amount of blood lost during your period varies from month to month.

Menorrhagia, a condition involving heavy bleeding that lasts for weeks, can be debilitating. Dysmenorrhea, or periods accompanied by unbearable pain, can interfere with your life.

Although these conditions may be normal for you, you don’t have to suffer through them. We can help.

When it comes to getting through menopause, you have quite a few more options than your grandmother did.

The months—and sometimes years—leading up to your final menstruation can be filled with hot flashes, sleep interruption, vaginal dryness, urinary problems, mood swings, loss of libido, weight gain and forgetfulness. But today’s treatments make going through this inevitable and sometimes challenging hormonal change easier and less stressful.

Though it’s possible to experience the onset of menopause as early as 35, most women’s periods stop around the age of 52.

And the other side of menopause can be liberating. There’s sex with no pregnancy worries. No more periods.

Sexual desire fluctuates naturally over the years. It’s typical to be more interested in sex in the beginning stages of a relationship. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause or major illness can all impact your libido. And some medications can interfere with your sex drive as well.

If you don’t feel like having sex, let us know.

Lack of sexual desire may be a sign of hormonal imbalance or other medical issues.

There are lifestyle changes, hormone therapies and sexual techniques that can help. And for severe dryness or vaginal atrophy, we have a groundbreaking new laser therapy—MonaLisa Touch®.

We can help keep intimacy a part of your life.

Over the course of your lifetime, your weight may go up, and down.  It can happen for any number of reasons: hormonal and metabolic shifts, pregnancy, medical conditions, medications, even stress.

But maintaining a healthy weight can have an amazingly positive effect on your life.

Guided by your medical history, we can customize a weight loss program just for you. You’ll get the knowledge and tools you need to reach a healthy weight and stay there.

Eat well. Live well.


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“Never thought I would be writing a review for my gyno, but I LOVE these people!!! Not only are they super-knowledgeable, organized and efficient, but the staff is also friendly, fun and relaxing, and they LISTEN to you. VWC is like the triple crown winner of gynos.”